Chicken Mayo Deopbap is a menu that has recently become popular. This is because several K-Pop idols mention it as comfort food that must be tried. Interestingly, this menu is very easy for you to make yourself at home.

If you are curious to try to make this one menu, you can follow this article. The discussion will cover the recipe and steps for you. So when you want to try it, you can easily make it yourself.

Be sure to watch it immediately until it’s finished to try to make it. You will be helped in making this one menu. If you try it, you can also prove that the popularity of this menu is indeed comparable to the appetizing taste.

South Korean-style Chicken Mayo Deopbap Recipe, Easy to Try

South Korean style Chicken Mayo Deopbap Recipe

This simple menu comes from South Korea, we can make it easily at home. When you want to feel a new taste for chicken, you can try this menu.

Even though it’s from a neighboring country, the ingredients are easy and we can find and buy them in Indonesia. So, please watch and try to cook this delicious food.

Tools and Materials

Prepare some of the tools and materials below to try to make it easier. Starting from the upper thigh chicken that has been filleted, then eggs, mayonnaise, onions, and whites. As for the seasoning, there is sugar, soy sauce, pepper, and mushroom stock for flavoring.

Start Cooking the Chicken

Please start cutting the chicken fillet in a dice-like shape, then cook by mixing the chopped onions and garlic. Cook using a little oil and let it cook until evenly distributed.

Making Broth

When the chicken is done cooking, you can use a pot and bring the water to a boil. After that, add enough soy sauce, pepper, mushroom broth, and sugar to make a stock. The taste can be adjusted to your taste and that of your family.

Fried Egg

For the topping, you can add chopped fried eggs. Usually, this is just an option, if you like eggs you can add them. But if you don’t like it, it doesn’t matter to just serve chicken.

Serving Chicken Mayo Deopbap

Finally, please serve it with rice and then put this chicken on it. Next to it is a sliced egg and some vegetables like carrots or lettuce if you like. Serving in sufficient portions will fit on the menu this time.

Usually, people like to set this menu for the time of day or night. Because it’s easy to make, many people like it. In the last few months, this menu has become a favorite because several idols from South Korea have popularized it as a favorite food.

This Chicken Mayo Deopbap has an easy recipe and a practical cooking method. Please try it at home soon. Hope you and your family will like this new processed chicken recipe.